Carolan is a psychic medium, angel intuitive, reiki master teacher and author of the book, “Walking with the Archangels.” Her essay, “The Magic of Healing with the Archangels,” is be featured in the anthology, “Spiritual Leaders Top Picks” published by Visionary Insight Press. Whether doing a private reading or group readings, Carolan uses all her gifts as a psychic medium and angel intuitive to bring you information that is most important for you to know. She can help you realize your own gifts and talents, connect with loved ones in the spiritual realm, and guide you in healing with the archangels. Most importantly, Carolan can help you learn how to connect and communicate with your angels and the archangels to enhance the quality of your life. The decisions you make in the present, absolutely create your future.


Walking with the Archangels, is a twelve-week workbook to help you connect and establish a relationship with the Archangels. The book is available at Amazon in both print and Kindle Editions, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Walking-Archangels-twelve-week-discovering-Archangels/dp/1530468035/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474214653&sr=8-1&keywords=walking+with+the+archangels.

“Walking with the Archangels” is also offered as an online course at Udemy at https://www.udemy.com/walking-with-the-archangels/learn/v4/overview.

Spiritual Leaders Top Picks, (by Visionary Insight Press, 2017), features inspirational writing by over 50 authors. The book is now released and available on amazon.com (amazon.in and other global amazon sites) and barnesandnoble.com. My contribution is, ‘The Magic of Healing with the Archangels.” In my chapter I provide insight into how all of us can call on the angels for healing, and how that healing is so gracious it may at times, feel like magic. There is nothing too big or too small for the angels to tackle. Most importantly choosing to heal will open your life in wonderful, and dare I say . . . magical ways. Are you ready?  Read my chapter, along with the other essays by my inspirational coauthors, and see how you can move past the illusion of the present moment and allow the magic to unfold.



Psychic Medium/Angel Card Readings

I’m always available by phone, or on Zoom (online video) for a psychic medium/angel card reading. And, in-person readings the first Saturday of the month at Ignite Yoga in Goodyear, AZ. Please visit my services page to learn how to schedule.