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A Four Legged Guardian Angel

Meet Mozart, he is the best four legged Guardian Angel a women could have.  He is my constant companion when I’m at home and we have been together since I plucked him out of a tree when he was just a baby.  He is now seventeen years old.  He is the last of my rescues and it has been just him and I for several years now.  I feel bad that he lost his four legged buddies but knew it wouldn’t be fair to him to bring in a youngster or someone to take their places.  He doesn’t mind being the only kitty.  He has a great home with a person who loves him very much.  He never seems to amaze me with his own awareness.

It was an interesting night last night.  First I did some healing work and then climbed into bed to meditate and pray.  Eventually I fell asleep only to be woken by the strangest feeling, a spiritual one, but different than most times.  I started to fall asleep again, this time my cat started licking me in the face until I woke up.  When I did, I could feel the cold air and the hair was standing up on the back on my neck.  I immediately called an Archangel Michael and knew I was surrounded and protected.  For the life of me I could not figure out what was happening or what “it was.”  So I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night.  I went about my business this morning and when I came home the realization hit me.

You know how you can walk into a room and feel “stuff” just from the people who have been in the room before you.  We all have stuff that’s no secret but the emotions, journey or whatever leaves a spiritual mark or energy in the space.  Whenever I get ready to do Reiki, I always cleansed the space each and every time before and after.  If you tune in you can actually feel it as lightness or heaviness.  Sometimes I’ll say, “it feels stuffy in here.”  There are a ton of ways to clear or cleanse a space.  Pray with intention, Reiki, Burning Sage, or invoking the Archangels specifically.  Sunny Dawn Johnston sent out a blog post I’d like to share with you regarding Archangel Zadkiel about transforming and releasing negative energies and lower vibrational energies.  This is a very powerful meditation and I also used this meditation to clear my work space , (and now personally, my home/writing space/bedroom) as well as using Reiki.

I do know what happened but for the privacy other people choose not to share that part of the story.  When you live in a community and share a wall or ceiling it’s a good idea to clear your space now and then.   You can feel the difference.  Sending everyone good vibes today and everyday!

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Carolan Dickinson is a psychic medium, angel communicator, teacher, and author of her debut women’s fiction novel, Three Full Moons (scheduled for release in November 2020). She is also a contributing author of the bestsellers The Last Breath, Kindness Crusader, 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal, 111-Morning Meditations-Start Your Day with Intention, and Walking with the Archangels. Her first love is doing private readings and helping people discover their gifts and talents. She teaches intuitive and personal development classes, both in-person and online. In her free time, you will find her in a yoga class, reading, or walking and talking with the archangels. To work with Carolan or follow her weekly archangel blog, please visit You can find her on Facebook at or on Instagram @carolandickinson

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