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The Lotus Flower- A Symbol of Hope

DSCF5448ReflectionsLRMost people equate the lotus flower to the Yoga world or to Buddism.  The Lotus Flower has many significant sacred meanings in Hinduism, Egyptianism and even in early Christianity.  In Saint Thomas of the Cross depictions you can see the Lotus Flower shown underneath the cross while a dove rests above it.  To me it has a special significance as a reminder and a symbol of hope.

Here is this beautiful flower often with its blossoms standing tall above the water.  It’s stem and stock are sturdy and resilient even though it grows from the bottom of river bottoms and ponds and most often, in the muddiest of waters.    Every time I see a picture of a Lotus Flower my spirit feels lighter, more hopeful and steadfast.  To me it’s a symbol of hope.  At night, the blossoms retreat and curl in on themselves only to bloom with the sunrise.  It reminds me that no matter where we come from, what are past has been or the life we have had up to this point, we still bloom.  Just as sure as the sun will rise and set and the lotus flower petals curl and blossom; we still bloom!

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