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Full Moon Update for Tuesday October 27th by Lena Stevens and Pat Liles


Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Tuesday, October 27 at 6:05 AM Mountain Time (MDT).

This is a good time to be in great gratitude for all the things you have and all that is going well in your life. The times have been rough and it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the gifts. There is a tendency to get caught in the focus on the lack and on what is not working out instead of being grateful for what you do have and what is working. Acknowledge your support, acknowledge your growth and the wisdom that you do have today that comes from past experiences. Acknowledge what is in balance in your life instead of what is not.

This perception will bring in a new balance and something to celebrate on this full moon. It is also a good time to acknowledge that nothing is permanent and that the present moment is really all you have. The past is the past, the future is a mystery and the present is truly a gift!




Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Taurus Full Moon

Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Taurus 4º

Tuesday, October 27 6:05 AM Mountain Time

(October 27 12:05 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Taurus, influenced by her Venus ruler, enhances the earthly domain. Taurus/Scorpio is a feminine polarity. Both are the fixed, power signs for their element. Earth and Water. Fixed signs stabilize and draw energy towards them to gather it up and concentrate it in a strong container. She favors the sensual pleasures, material security, art and beauty, the love of nature and joie de vivre. Her value comes from knowing exactly who she is and coming from that grounded place in the world. Here you can find the gardener/farmer, the banker, the ecologist, builders, fashionistas, and musician/singers. The Taurus archetype is much less interested in the hidden, held power of Pluto-ruled Scorpio and the invisible realms.

Now is a good time to gauge and use your personal assets and mine your resources to move your dreams forward. What Taurus brings to her table is patience, industriousness, dependability, affection, tender heartedness, the love of a ‘well upholstered life’ and dogged determination coupled with practical skill. Yes, stubborn, with a love for stability to the detriment of most forms of change, with perhaps a propensity for holding on in the material world, still what’s not to love…?

Venus rules this beautiful, feminine Taurus Moon. “The subject tonight is Love…”. When you combine that Venus ruler and her natural propensity for what’s beautiful and precious with Taurus’ materiality, it distills down to what you really value in your life, and it almost always comes down to love. We come from love; we’re here to learn to love. Issues of worthiness and self-worth are up for us under a Taurus Full Moon.

Venus is in spectacular alignment with Jupiter and Mars all in Virgo visible in the pre-dawn sky. We won’t see with our own eyes an alignment like this bright trio of visible planets again until 2021. Venus and Jupiter will have made three conjunctions from July 1 – Oct 25 (two in Leo, and now this last one in Virgo). Our capacity to welcome in abundance, love, and connection has received some powerful medicine and expansion. This little love knot is the counterbalance to all the density of change we have been passing through in the recent past.

With Uranus in stressful and exact alignment to Venus, I think ‘the Awakener’ may be blasting open any barriers to letting the power of the flow of love move through you. Pluto, too, will be supporting Venus who is flanked by King energy (Jupiter) and her Warrior ally (Mars). Relationship power dynamics are worth contemplating and may be in your face. With Chiron also exactly opposite Venus, we are called to heal the separation we have participated in with our inner feminine aspects. There’s nothing like a little crisis point to clean out and reset our perspective. Challenges wake us up; make us stronger. Welcome in the regenerative healing available through Chiron and the natural world. Use the image of the magnificent phoenix rising out of its own ashes to become an even more powerful expression of all that you are.

Note tension in the body, especially in the neck, throat, voice or digestion. Focus on accepting and loving yourself just the way you are. Relax! Enjoy what Is! That’s Taurus’ biggest gift to us.

With the Sun moved into Scorpio and Halloween or Samhain near at hand, we come to the time of the thinning of the veils between the visible and invisible worlds where the power of the dark time begins to prevail. Samhain, a Celtic festival day, honors the midpoint of the Fall season and the end of harvest. During the next six weeks or so, the light rapidly diminishes; trees drop their leaves and take back their sap to the inward places of rejuvenation. We honor our ancestors on the other side of the veil; we honor the letting go and dying time. The Full Moon casts long shadows even in the dark to invite out all that is hidden into the light.

11/01 Daylight Savings Time ends 2:00 AM

11/11 Scorpio New Moon 19º 10:48 AM Mountain Time

11/22 Sun enters Sagittarius 8:25 AM Mountain Time

11/25 Gemini Full Moon 3º 3:45 PM Mountain Time

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

For more information please visit:

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Carolan Dickinson is a psychic medium, angel communicator, teacher, and author of her debut women’s fiction novel, Three Full Moons (scheduled for release in November 2020). She is also a contributing author of the bestsellers The Last Breath, Kindness Crusader, 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal, 111-Morning Meditations-Start Your Day with Intention, and Walking with the Archangels. Her first love is doing private readings and helping people discover their gifts and talents. She teaches intuitive and personal development classes, both in-person and online. In her free time, you will find her in a yoga class, reading, or walking and talking with the archangels. To work with Carolan or follow her weekly archangel blog, please visit You can find her on Facebook at or on Instagram @carolandickinson

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