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Dream Catchers

dreamcatcherIn some Native American cultures Dream Catchers were made to protect a sleeping person.   Most of them are made in a hoop design which signifies unity and strength.  The web or netting in the middle act as a filter and only allows positive dreams through and then the dreams float down the feathers attached at the bottom to the sleeping person below.

To me Dream Catchers are very personal.  If your looking for one take time to really explore them and find that special one that speaks to you.  I can only imagine that making your own would be very powerful.  Maybe it’s like most things of a spiritual nature…what is the intention behind it?

It is said (according to dream-catchers.org) that before you hang your Dream Catcher you should cleanse your house and the dreamcatcher with sage and offer a prayer so that you can become  “in tune” with it.

Sweet Dreams!


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