Walking with the Archangels
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How to Navigate New Moon/Full Moon Energies with Archangel Haniel

white-ngel-wing-angel-blue-background-34680944After receiving the New Moon/Solar Eclipse information from Lena Stevens and Pat Liles it occurred to me that there may be a lot of people out there who are sensitive to full moon/new moon energies as well as the energetic shifts that happen during an eclipse, equinox and the ever changing energies of our world. The full moon especially seems to have a kind of wackiness to it that for me, tends to pull me out of balance, if I’m not aware that it’s taking place.

It’s such a service that Lena and Pat take on every month, keeping us  so well informed.  I’m very grateful for the information. It has helped me intentionally connect with these cycles so that I can tap into the extra “something special,” that mother nature gives us.

The new moon asks us to look at our intentions and then either recommit to them or adjust them as needed. This is a great time for some soul searching, and deciding whether or not we’re on track with our vision.  Archangel Haniel can help you make the most of each and every new or full moon. Envision her surrounding you in her beautiful bluish white energy and then ask her to help you navigate your path and see clearly what is before you. Her gemstone is moonstone.  She is the perfect archangel to help you navigate these cycles, as well as nurture and manifest your intentions. To me, her energy is nurturing and supportive, very compatible to the energy of Mother Earth.

There are three significant events this month, the new moon/solar eclipse on Tuesday, March 8th, Spring Equinox, Saturday, March 19th, and a full moon/lunar eclipse, on March 23rd.

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