Walking with the Archangels
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Full Moon is Thursday, April 21st, 11:25 Mountain Daylight Time

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you information I received from Lena Stevens at the Power Path.com. This is for April 16th – April 21st.

April 16-21: This is the week to focus on your clarity, commitment, intentions and self-care. No one is going to do it for you. Watch the tendency to blame others for feeling unstable and unsettled. Focus on moving your attention to your inner life and building your own trust and inner stability, which is something no one can take away from you.

As we move towards the full moon, the emotional center is activated and old wounds may surface, some of them surprising you. This is another layer, a deep one, and probably something that needs clearing before you can bring all the pieces of the puzzle together for the new picture of your life. The good news is that this process may be short lived and you may get through your unsettled emotions much quicker than you thought possible.

April 21: Full Moon is Thursday, April 21 at 11:25PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) Reach out to community today and have some fun. Put yourself first. Do a ceremony. Give yourself a gift. Unplug for a few hours and send some time in beauty, inspiration exploring the higher mind and new ideas.”

For more information from Lena you can visit http://thepowerpath.com.

Just a couple of ideas to help you navigate . . . You can always ask Archangel Haniel to help frayed nerves and help balance and maintain your center during full moon-itis. If old stuff comes up for you, ask Archangel Zadkiel to surround you with violet energy to shift any old negatives into new positives.

Don’t forget to add the good stuff . . . a little moon phase bathing, some Reiki, meditation and if all else fails, a couple glasses of wine. Enjoy! Have a great week and remember anything that you let go of makes room for something wonderful!

Sending you good vibes,


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