Walking with the Archangels
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Ignite Apothecary News, Natascha Marler


The Art of Goal Seeing

Our goals are not simply words like money, happiness, or success, but are stories fully experienced through our senses that define our relationship with that concept and the world. When we set a goal, we activate an entire framework through which we see the world that includes all our beliefs and expectations about that goal and how it relates to ourselves. 

Furthermore, the brain helps us to quickly make sense of the world by ignoring what we don’t expect (check out the second episode of Brain Games on Netflix) and has a difficult time recognizing something that is not consistent with our own stories.  For example, if my story is that success is something other people have, I could be queen and not be able to recognize that as success. 

So instead of setting goals, we should be seeing goals.  We need to examine our own neurological framework that we have created around our wishes – what connections, assumptions, sensations, and beliefs does thinking of the goal bring up?  Once we dissolve these stories about ourselves that are no longer useful, these inaccurate connections, we can recognize the opportunities and the gifts in front of us.   

Natascha Marler, LMT, E-RYT 200, CSNF, has been studying healing philosophies for over 18 years. She has been a massage therapist for 15 and a yoga teacher for 9.  Her newest modality is Neurosculpting® meditation, a five-step meditation process that is specifically designed to consciously rewire our neurology.  She offers healing meditation and massage as part of the Apothecary Bar at Ignite Yoga Studios in Goodyear, AZ.  She can be reached at (602)717-9963 or gypsymamabliss@gmail.com or schedule online: http://www.igniteyogastudios.com/natascha-marler.html

For information about Neurosculpting® Meditation: www.neurosculptinginstitute.com

(Use code: nataschamarler for $10 off a class!)

Ignite Apothecary Practitioners

Stephen Revering, Pranic Healing and Zen Meditation Specialist . . . Natascha Marler, LMT, E-RYT, CNSF . . .  Virgie Ponce, BSN, Registered Nurse, Aromatherapist . . . Jamie Rudolph, Esthetician, LE, CLT . . . Jennifer Elton, NMD . . . Carolan Dickinson, Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Author. For more information, or to learn how to schedule please visit Ignite Yoga’s website at http://www.igniteyogastudios.com/apothecarybar.html or call the studio at (623) 374-7812.

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CAROLAN DICKINSON is a psychic medium, angel communicator, teacher, and author of the book, Walking with the Archangels (Amazon, 2016). Her essay, “The Magic of Healing with the Archangels,” is featured in the anthology, Spiritual Leaders Top Picks (Visionary Insight Press 2017). Her first love is helping people learn to connect and build a relationship with the Archangels. She teaches classes and workshops on Archangels, Angel Card Reading, Intuitive Development, and Mediumship. When she’s not writing, or teaching a class, she devotes her time doing psychic medium/angel readings, or walking and talking with the archangels.

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