Talking with the Archangels
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March 20th through 26th, Newness and the Spring Equinox Update from Lena Stevens

Hi Everyone,

We begin this week with the trumpeting of spring and the Spring Equinox. This is a time of change, it can be soft and graceful, or firey and full of action. The choice is up to you. Trust that your intuition, and the angels will guide you to right action. We have some interesting cards to start the week, as Enchantment and Soulmate show up. Love . . . like spring, is in the air. This is true for those seeking their soulmates, and for those already in romantic partnerships. Archangel Jeremiel reminds us to take a break from worrying and know that “all is well”.

Midweek we have the opportunity to stand in truth and integrity. Allow that truth to propel you into making decisions and choices that are for your best and highest good. By owning your own  truth you will keep your feet planted firmly on your path, without having to sacrifice your integrity in any way. Archangel Raguel can help dispel any conflict so that there is a win/win for everyone. Archangel Gabriel can help you speak your truth in a loving, kind, and compassionate way.

This weekend Archangel Michael remind us that we are always divinely guided and protected in all ways and in every area of our life. His affirmation is, “Every day and in every way I am divinely guided and protected.” This weekend spend some time nurturing yourself and others. Archangel Gabriel helps mothers and children connect in a very deep way.

Please come see me at Ladies Healing Day on Saturday, March 25th at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort. I will be available for readings as well as my mini workshop, “The Magic of Healing with the Archangels.” from 12:30 to 1:15.  The Ignite Yoga tribe and some of the other Ignite Apothecary Practitioner will be there as well. There are so many wonderful vendors, classes and practitioners . . . you’re not going to want to miss this event. Please check it out at

As always I’m sending you good vibes,



Dear Friends,

Spring Equinox (or Fall in the Southern Hemisphere) is Monday, March 20 at 4:28 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Enter the fiery time of action, movement, and fruition. Use fire in a ceremony or ritual to surrender something that still needs to be unloaded. It can be symbolic as in burning a written narrative about what you are surrendering. Equinoxes always signal a chance for change and for renewal, taking the nourishment from the previous cycle and the freedom from surrender and weaving it into a new picture, a new expression and a new signature. Celebrate this newness, this rebirth in some way by doing something that represents an expansion and an upgrade. What part of you is being reborn? Honor it!


For more information from the Power Path please visit

March 25, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the  beautiful Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix.  I’m really excited to be part of this event. Plan on spending the entire day. There will be readings, and vendors to check out. This is event is designed to be all about you, all aspects of healing, and how to create the life you envision.  Sssh . . . A little event intel . . . you’re going to want to be one of the first 150 women to sign up for this event. There are gift bags involved, and the tickets are only ten dollars.


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Carolan Dickinson is a psychic medium, angel communicator, teacher, and author of her debut women’s fiction novel, Three Full Moons (scheduled for release in November 2020). She is also a contributing author of the bestsellers The Last Breath, Kindness Crusader, 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal, 111-Morning Meditations-Start Your Day with Intention, and Walking with the Archangels. Her first love is doing private readings and helping people discover their gifts and talents. She teaches intuitive and personal development classes, both in-person and online. In her free time, you will find her in a yoga class, reading, or walking and talking with the archangels. To work with Carolan or follow her weekly archangel blog, please visit You can find her on Facebook at or on Instagram @carolandickinson

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