Walking with the Archangels
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Ignite Apothecary Practitioner News – Natascha Marler

Natascha Marler – E-YRT, LMT, CSNF


Why Neurosculpt?

Neurosculpting® Meditation helps us to spend more time in the healing parasympathetic nervous system(PNS).  When the PNS is active, we can properly digest food which allows all the nutrients to get the cells and the cellular waste to leave, keeping each cell healthy. On the other hand, when the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is active, our bodies are focused on survival so arms and legs get more blood flow, the heart beasts faster, and muscles tense for action. The SNS helps us stay alive when we are in danger but if it is active too often, we will not be able to digest properly, the cells will not be able to function efficiently, and we might end up with stress linked illnesses such as leaky gut, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. 

We can easily shift between these two systems with our thoughts. The brain does not differentiate between something happening right now and something we are thinking; the same neurological pathways light up and the same chemicals are released. Thus, if we think stressful thoughts (those that make us feel worry or fear) throughout the day, our body thinks we need to be ready to act to get out of the stressful situation, even if it is just in our minds, and we keep activating the SNS.  Neurosculpting® Meditation helps us to first recognize which thoughts are stressful, then to detangle the emotional response of fear or worry from the thought, and finally to renegotiate the situation from a standpoint of wonder, allowing us to see these thoughts more clearly and to handle them more gracefully. We can then maintain a healthy balance between the PNS and SNS. 

Natascha Marler, LMT, E-RYT 200, CSNF, has been studying healing philosophies for over 18 years. She offers healing meditation yoga, and massage therapy.   For more info: www.gypsymamabliss.com.

Ignite Apothecary Practitioners

Natascha Marler, LMT, E-RYT, CNSF . . .  Virgie Ponce, BSN, Registered Nurse, Aromatherapist . . . Jamie Rudolph, Esthetician, LE, CLT . . . Jennifer Elton, NMD . . . Carolan Dickinson, Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Author . . .  Susan Leahey, Transition Coach . . .  Lorilee Gillmore, E-RYT, Ayurvedic Specialist.  For more information, or to learn how to schedule please visit Ignite Yoga’s website at http://www.igniteyogastudios.com/apothecarybar.html or call the studio at (623) 374-7812.

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CAROLAN DICKINSON is a psychic medium, angel communicator, teacher, and author of the book, Walking with the Archangels (Amazon, 2016). Her essay, “The Magic of Healing with the Archangels,” is featured in the anthology, Spiritual Leaders Top Picks (Visionary Insight Press 2017). Her first love is helping people learn to connect and build a relationship with the Archangels. She teaches classes and workshops on Archangels, Angel Card Reading, Intuitive Development, and Mediumship. When she’s not writing, or teaching a class, she devotes her time doing psychic medium/angel readings, or walking and talking with the archangels.

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