Walking with the Archangels
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April 17th through April 23, It’s All About Love

The beginning of the week finds many of us feeling an internal push that accompanies the list of things that have get done. Try not to let it sink your energy or derail your train. Instead take a few moments to sit outside during the day, try a five minute nature break. It will do wonders for you inner life. There are things going on behind the scenes as we are yet, in another shift. What that means is that collectively our vibrations are being raised because we are doing the work to get there. Archangel Raziel is letting us know that more information and spiritual understanding is available and is also asking, “What do you believe?” If you want to know more or have questions answered, simply ask the archangels to reveal it to you. A renewal of your current romantic partnership, the spark of a new one, or even opening up to possibilities of having one, are important this week. We’re still in Mercury in Retrograde, so communicate clearly and with love.

The “Soulmate and Divine Guidance” cards are showing up midweek and emphasize our romantic partnerships. The archangels are working on our behalf guiding us towards our soulmates and helping us with our current ones. If you’re questioning your current relationship ask the archangels to help you with discernment, and how to become better partners and life-mates. If you are seeking a soulmate ask Archangel Chamuel to help clear the way toward bringing your soulmate to you. If you’re single, can you be your own soulmate until the physical one appears? Archangel Azrael is letting us know that we may be asked to help a friend or family member this week by providing some loving guidance. Take just a moment and ask Archangel Gabriel to help you give loving, kind, and compassionate counsel.

The weekend, Archangel Raquel helps us resolve any conflicts in our relationships, both romantic and platonic. Now is the time to reach out, forgive, and extend the olive branch. Be looking for a blessing of some kind. It may be material or show up as a kindness, creative pursuit, or a sense of completeness. You will recognize it when it arrives. Ask yourself, “what is the message this gift, or blessing has for me?”

As always, I’m sending you good vibes,



Angel Card Reading Part 1 and II (Certification Class)

Saturday April 29th and Saturday May 20th. Both days from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m.

Everyone can communicate with Angels. In these two classes (part I and II) you will learn everything you need to be able to do Angel Card Readings for yourself and others. Being a messenger or “reader” is always a personal journey. We’ll spend time talking about that, as well as how to take care of yourself energetically and shielding. We will also uncover the specific ways in which you receive messages and how to develop those gifts. Most importantly, we will spend time doing readings with each other.
Cost: $20 per class, early bird pricing ends April 22nd
$25 After April 22nd

Please visit http://www.igniteyogastudios.com/workshops.html to register





Saturday, June 17th: 1pm- 3pm

  • Traditional Usui Reiki Introduction
  • Symbols and their meanings
  • Lineage
  • Self-Healings

Saturday, July 29th: 1pm – 4pm

  • Ethics and Role of a Reiki Master Teacher
  • Distance Reiki Attunements and Treatments
  • How to do Reiki on others (Professional Reiki Practices)


Early Bird Pricing $75.00,$100 May 31st

* Prior to the first class meeting each participant will meet with Reiki Master Teacher Carolan Dickinson to receive their Reiki Attunement and Manual. Please contact instructor directly at carolan903@gmail.com or (480) 229-2315 to schedule. Appointments available beginning May 30th. In the traditional Usui Reiki method all attunements are completed in one session — the Reiki Master Teacher level. It is Carolan’s philosophy that each attunement is a private and sacred ritual. 

Please visit http://www.igniteyogastudios.com/workshops.html to register


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I use all of my gifts as a Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, and Writer to be of service. It is my deepest desire to help you discover the life you truly want and to help you make the divine connections that will serve you. I help clients realize their own gifts and talents, connect with loved ones in the spiritual realm, heal and transcend grief, and establish a relationship with the Archangels. All of which will enhance the quality of your life. The decisions you make in the present, absolutely create your future. I am available for phone readings and in person. Please visit my services page to see how to schedule an appointment.


  1. annsrecovery says

    Hi Carolan!

    I wanted to let you know I got to Connecticut! I am in a wider family support network here. I took several medications and my cousin flew back here with me. I’ve been here for almost 8 weeks. I wanted to let you know how much universal help I received in getting here. 💕 Thank you again for all of your love and guidance these past several months. I continue to enjoy your newsletters! They are great.

    Take care,



    • I couldn’t be happier for you. This is so wonderful and better than I ever could have imagine. Thank you for keeping in touch and I send all the love and light to you that you can hold plus more. Great things are ahead for you.



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