Talking with the Archangels
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December 23rd through December 29th, An Angelic Christmas

Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

It was Christmas Eve, and one particular group of family and friends gathered together to celebrate. They sat around the fire and talked about the many blessing they had received throughout the year. They also talked about some of their challenges and the important lessons they learned. It was amazing to most of them that even in the challenges, they were able to find the blessings hidden from apparent view. As they continued to talk, the doorbell rang, and there before them stood a stranger.  They welcomed the stranger in to warm by the fire and offered him tea and cookies. They had no idea who this stranger was only that he smelled like roses and made them feel safe and loved. The stranger did not say much, except to thank them for their hospitality. He listened to all of the blessings and all of the challenges. Then they asked the stranger if he would like to share.

“I suppose that like you, my blessings and challenges all weave together,” he said.

Thoughtfully he continued, “there are times when things get complicated, but I know that we are all spiritually guided even in the most difficult of times. Looking back, I see that I was never alone, even in the most difficult, or the most exciting moments.”

The youngest asks the stranger, “what was the most fun?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” the stranger replied, “that’s when everyone gets exactly what they ask for only it arrives better than they imagined.”

The oldest of the group asked, “What was the hardest?”

“That would be when people don’t’ realize that they can ask.”

The wisest of the group asked the stranger, “What is the most fulfilling thing that happened?”

With a smile and an unfurling of beautiful iridescent wings, the stranger replied, “when they ask how they can serve.”

The house smelled of roses and felt like love for the longest time. The rest of the evening, the group sat around the fire, talking about how they can best serve each other and their community.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Carolan Dickinson is a psychic medium, angel communicator, teacher, and author of her debut women’s fiction novel, Three Full Moons (scheduled for release in November 2020). She is also a contributing author of the bestsellers The Last Breath, Kindness Crusader, 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal, 111-Morning Meditations-Start Your Day with Intention, and Walking with the Archangels. Her first love is doing private readings and helping people discover their gifts and talents. She teaches intuitive and personal development classes, both in-person and online. In her free time, you will find her in a yoga class, reading, or walking and talking with the archangels. To work with Carolan or follow her weekly archangel blog, please visit You can find her on Facebook at or on Instagram @carolandickinson

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    We see the sun in saggatarus and Venus in capricorn Today 

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