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What If ? A Mantra of Writers

I’m driving along minding my own business when out of the blue, a thought as quick as a match thrown on lighter fluid soaked charcoal, floods my awareness. A new scene from the book I’m currently revising. Then . . .  the what if’s start to happen. What if, he said this, or she did that? What if? Before you know it, that single thought-the flash in the pan becomes a new chapter steeped in emotion, imagery and movement. It becomes something. I think it was Oprah who said that her biggest revelations and “Aha” moments happen while putting on her makeup or doing her hair. Mine seem to come while doing something totally unrelated to writing, like driving my car, or taking a walk. Always accompanied by, what if? What if you could do, or be, or have anything you wanted. What if? Have a great day, I’m sending good vibes!  

Happy Thanksgiving; Medicine Cards- Turkey Medicine

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I am so grateful for each and everyone of you who are reading and following this blog, thank you. May your day be filled with good times, sharing and creating moments, and most importantly, love. Today I wanted to share with you a different view of Turkey and what the Turkey Spirit Animal represents. Turkey symbolizes the earth and is connected to the abundance the earth provides; perfect for thanksgiving.  Turkey encourages us to honor our sources of nourishment, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. The turkey reminds us to develop a harmonious relationship with the land and our environment and consider them as foundations to our well-being. The Turkey totem is a powerful guide to unlocking the fullness of life and feeling content with what we have. Have a wonderful day! Sending you good vibes.

Medicine Cards – Hummingbird

It was absolutely beautiful outside today as I went on my walk around the park.  At first it was just a little chilly and before too long I was taking my sweater off and tying it around my waist. I’m trying to keep my mind blank and not let it go on a rant as it tends to do.  After a few deep breaths, and a few long strides I hit my rhythm and ask, “what is the most important thing for me to know today?”    About that time I came along side a flowering bush with the prettiest of hummingbirds fliting from flower to flower.    I froze and just watched it for the longest time. Hummingbird reminds us of to be aware of the many beautiful gifts there are in the world and to acknowledge the joy that those gifts bring.  If Hummingbird shows up in your physical or spiritual world get ready to laugh, sing, dance, and to enjoy the sweet nectar of life. Sending you good vibes!    

Medicine Cards – Moose

I have always been very connected spiritually to the Native American Medicine Cards.  This tarot deck uses totem animals to bring messages to us in a very down to earth and no nonsense way.  It is one of the reasons I’ve felt drawn to them most of my adult life. I feel that we all kind of cycle spiritually together and that by drawing a card for “us” as a group we will all individually, and collectively get the message. When Moose medicine shows up in the north position (as it has today), Moose speaks of wisdom and self esteem.  Moose is showing up today to honor your path in a recent event where you took the “high road” in a situation and as a result is giving you a spiritual “high five.”  Moose medicine also assists in balancing gentleness and assertiveness, offering discernment between waiting or action.  This is a great time to acknowledge your own journey and the challenges that you have overcome, as well as acknowledge the accomplishment of others. Sending you good vibes, have a great day!  

“The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I heard this for the first time when I was in a Yoga class, by the end of it something in me had been ignited and changed.  It amazes me how much power there are in words.   Enjoy! “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer “It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love for your dreams for the adventure of being alive. It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon… I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain mine or your own without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it. I want to …

Full Moon Update for Tuesday October 27th by Lena Stevens and Pat Liles

  Dear Friends, Full Moon is Tuesday, October 27 at 6:05 AM Mountain Time (MDT). This is a good time to be in great gratitude for all the things you have and all that is going well in your life. The times have been rough and it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the gifts. There is a tendency to get caught in the focus on the lack and on what is not working out instead of being grateful for what you do have and what is working. Acknowledge your support, acknowledge your growth and the wisdom that you do have today that comes from past experiences. Acknowledge what is in balance in your life instead of what is not. This perception will bring in a new balance and something to celebrate on this full moon. It is also a good time to acknowledge that nothing is permanent and that the present moment is really all you have. The past is the past, the future is a mystery and the present is truly a gift! …