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Sometimes I think it’s really hard with all of our technology to have real heart to hearts.  Emojicons have taken the place of a friendly hug or  supportive pat on the back.  Instead we click the thumbs up button to show support, emotion and empathy.  I long for days when having a pot of coffee on in the morning was standard practice just knowing that someone was going to drop by for a chat, and a cup.  Sometimes there would be tears either from laughter or hurts, usually hugs all around and a “call me if you need me.”  It was always heartfelt.  How did I know? Because I could see the non-verbal communication and hear the tone in the verbal communication.  It’s really hard to get that from an emojicon, know what I mean? We have gotten so use to all of this wonderful technology I’m wondering if we are forgetting the fine art of conversation.  Are we writing what we really meant to say or are we just clicking the buttons.  Am I being short, curt, surly in my …

A New Journey – Spiritual Business Mentoring Group with Sunny Dawn Johnston

Well, I’ve started a new chapter in my life and the effects are being felt full force as I jump in the deep end of the pool, without goggles I might add.  Yesterday was our first meeting of the Spiritual Business Mentoring Group, Mentored by Sunny Dawn Johnston.  If you haven’t seen her or been to her website check it out at  She is so good at getting to the heart of the matter very quickly, efficiently and with heart.  I first met her when I attended her Mediumship class last month and will attend the Advanced  Mediumship class coming up in October.  Joining this group made it very real to me.   I’m a Reiki Master Teacher  and I’m very comfortable being in the treatment room with a client…in the back…in the dark… where it’s quiet.  There’s just so much more to it than saying, “I’m a Reiki Master.”   By joining this group and doing the work I will expose myself more than I’ve ever done before, even in my writing.  Am I ready?  I …

Yoga Teachers

It used to be that only our “hairdressers know for sure”  but I’ve discovered that our Yoga Teachers know us best.  They see us at our worst and best.  They know where we struggle and how we approach those struggles.  More often than not they will know before we will what that something is that we just can’t seem to grasp.  So on behalf on my fellow yogis and yoginis, Thank You for being there, for encouraging, pushing and accepting.  For being the constant in the chaos of life and for leading us all in the right direction.  We appreciate you for what you bring to our lives.