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Blue Heron – Self Reflection

Asking for us collectively, I pulled the Blue Heron card from the Medicine Deck.  Whenever you ask, there is always an answer. Last night, I attended a podcast,”DETOX your LIFE with Sunny Dawn Johnston,” kick-off. This is a free event and will begin on January 1st, 2016. It ties so perfectly with the Blue Heron card. Blue Heron is, “the power of knowing the self by discovering its gifts and facing its challenges.” This is a self-reflection card and asks us to look at who we really are, and to become self-aware.  Blue Heron is the power to observe with a “cold eye,” to see what you want to improve, and what you wish to change. Blue Heron asks us to follow our intuition and begin the empowering  journey of self-realization. Sunny asked us, “what do you want to see in your life in 2016?” It’s a 44 day detox, that will empower you, by releasing what no longer serves you. By releasing the old stuff, and uncovering better ways of facing challenges, you will then make room for the all the good stuff life has to offer. This Detox is about all things including …

Holding Space

I’m taking a day out of the normal blogging routine of discussing Medicine Cards, to share with you how each individual person can make a difference in the most distant of places and in communities of people you’ve never even met.  Yesterday there was another tragic event; this time in California. Last night as I’m getting ready for sleep and started my nightly routine of prayers and affirmations I asked, “what can I do?  I was told “hold space for them.”  There are many definitions of “Holding Space,”  to me it’s pretty simple.  It is nothing more that creating an energetic boundary of protection, unconditional love and healing for an individual, group or  a community.  I visualized  San Bernardino and Paris surrounded by angelic protection, unconditional love, and sent them healing in the form of Reiki. Anyone can hold space.  Simply visualize in your mind’s eye your intended receiver and send them prayers or through thoughts and feelings; unconditional love, protection and/or healing.  By doing that you help create the space. It is very powerful to hold space for someone else or for a community.  Will you join me?  

Introducing Cody Wagner- 5 Fun Things You Can Do With a Box of Books

My book, The Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren, is finally live! Let’s take a few seconds so the news can sink in. Two and a half years of hard work has finally come to fruition. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  In addition to launching the book, I also received my first box o’ books:         2. Play Duck Duck Goose! 3. Propose in Front of Its Friends 4. Take a Relaxing Book Bath 5. Recreate the Trouble with Tribbles Scene from Star Trek That was fun 🙂 But now I have all these books sitting around. If you’re at all interested in taking one off my hands, here’s the relevant info. First, you can get the eBook here: And the paperback here: And you’ll also get a free virtual hug with each purchase. Doesn’t that sound nice? Congratulations Cody!  For more of Cody’s wackiness you can follow him here at Reply Forward          

Distance Reiki Treatments

Did you know that Reiki Treatments and Attunements are just as effective at a distance as they are in person?  Reiki is energy and energy is in everything.  It doesn’t matter to the practitioner if you’re directly in front of them or 500 miles away.  The connection and the delivery would be the same. It has been my experience both as a practitioner and as a receiver of a Distance Reiki Treatment, that sometimes it’s much easier.  I would imagine that being in your own environment and  being more relaxed might have something to do with it.  Everything helps.  You can even receive a Reiki Treatment while you’re sound asleep. Have a great day, I’m sending you good vibes!    

Embracing the Unknown

We may not know exactly where we are going or what path we need to take but if we can get quiet and quite trying to force them to come, then the answers come with ease.  Then suddenly you get that “aha” moment or you may say to yourself, “Oh that’s simple.”   After a little practice you can begin to feel and know what is right for you and that’s all any of us can do. Lately I have been wanting to do something that relates to my business but I find myself  wanting to ask permission.  Then as much as I wanted to avoid doing it, I had to sit with that feeling and then figure out “why” I needed to ask permission.  Did I figure out the “why?”  I sure did, the minute I let it go and went for a walk.  It was nothing earth shattering,  just some old message that was lodge in my brain ready to be released.  In letting go, the answer came exactly as it should and in exactly the …


You know how you have one of those days when clarity arrives and it arrives in such a big way that you actually take a breath and sigh?  This was my gift this morning as I took  a nice long walk around the park.  It has become my ritual to take a notebook and my gratitude journal with me.  After my walk I sit and look at all the beauty around me and journal whatever comes to me. After I completed my journal I opened my, “What Are You Grateful For Today” guided gratitude journal by Elizabeth Hartigan.  This was today’s page: “There are two ways to live your life.  One is though nothing is a miracle and the other as though everything is a miracle.”  – Albert Einstein It spoke to me, have a great day!  

The Magic of Healing

I love the word “Magic.”  It explains so many things that happen that are often unexplainable.    It is also the word I use to describes healing.  Most of the time while we’re in the middle of something it doesn’t feel like magic it all.  Frankly it feels …well, like crap.  Which kind of cracks me up. When you think about it, there are so many good things in our lives that come from crap. However, if you can find your way through the muck and the yuck, the “crap”  will transform itself into something wonderful.  They can be little things or  big things but all count as magic. This weekend I attended Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Advanced Mediumship Class and during a reading, I was reminded of something my step-father used to say whenever we drove by the large Dairy, close to where they lived.  Without fail, he would open the window and say “Ah, the sweet smell of success.”   To those of us passing by it smelled terribly!  To the Dairy owners, the people working for them, the distributors, stores, and consumers it meant success. “The Magic of …