Archangel Meditations, Journal Pages, and Chart

Walking with the Archangels eBook


Listed below and in order are the MP3 versions of the meditations inside the book. Each meditation begins with breathing exercises, then a guided meditation followed by quiet meditation with background music. Each are approximately 15 to 16 minutes. When the music fades out, you’re done. Located underneath are the extra journal pages.  Please enjoy!


Cobalt blue1 Archangel Michael

Emerald Green2 Archangel Raphael

3Blueish White (1) Archangel Haniel & Jeremiel

Red4 Archangel Uriel

Rainbow5 Archangel Raguel and Raziel

Rose Pink6 Archangel Chamuel

Violet7 Archangel Zadkiel

Light Green8 Archangel Azrael

Plain9 Archangel Gabriel

Sunset Orange10 Archangel Metatron

Sunrise Yellow

11 Archangel Jophiel



Archangel Chart

Forgiveness Releasing Healing and Clearing Space

New Year Intention 2021