img_20160912_071656-1Psychic Medium/Angel Card Readings

By Phone or In-Person

Cost $ 45.00

Readings take approximately 45 minutes, additional time is $1.00 per minute.

My readings are always a combination of Psychic Medium and Archangel Readings. For me it’s impossible to separate. I like to allow time at the end to answer any specific questions you may or maybe you’ll want to connect with someone specific who has passed.

As part of Ignite Yoga’s growing Apothecary Wellness Services I am now available for in-person readings, the first Saturday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please visit to see all the amazing people and services available.


How to schedule an appointment

For Psychic Medium/Angel Card Readings,  and Reiki Treatments and Attunements

Please send an email to with days and times that work best for you. I’ll send you a papal invoice. You will have the option to pay either through Paypal or using a debit/credit card. If your scheduling a phone appointment, make sure I have your phone number in the email. Once we have an appointment date and time, I’ll call you.

If you’re interested in a video appointment please let me know that your email and then I’ll send you a link once we agree on a date and time.

Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Online “Walking With the Archangels” Class              Cost $25.00


Walking with the Archangels eBook

“Walking with the Archangels,” is now a full length online course offered on:

Udemy at




shutterstock_220462759All Reiki Treatments and Reiki Attunements are done through distance sessions.



Reiki Treatments                                               Cost $45.00

I always send a follow-up email to let you know what occurred during the treatment. There is usually some messages that come through during the session for clients and I’ll relay that information as well.

Reiki Attunements                                                                                                           Cost $75.00

If you’re interested in becoming attuned to Reiki so that you can do self-healings or become a Reiki Master Teacher I attune to the Master level in one session. This is the traditional way as taught by the father of Reiki, Mikao Usui. Attuned in this traditional way you will begin your twenty-one days of self-healing with all of the symbols, including the Master Symbol at your disposal. This is done so that the energy of all of these symbols are imbued into your physical body, etheric body, and will raise your vibration accordingly. Once the attunement is completed I will send you my Reiki eBook that has all the symbols, how to do a self-healing, healing on others, distance treatments and attunements. After your twenty-one days of healing just email me and I’ll send you’re Reiki Master Teacher certificate. Includes a Reiki Treatment as well as the Attunement.